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A Simple and Straight Forward Process

Get started on your Grenadian Citizenship from anywhere in the world.

A simple and straight forward process that can be done from anywhere in the world.

At Just Inter-Continental we offer a tailormade service that is customised to our clients’ individual needs and desires.

Our dedicated staff will work diligently to not only understand our clients’ needs but also their limitations, ensuring that they are well guided throughout the entire citizenship application. We commit to ensuring our clients’ citizenship documents are suitably prepared and that our clients’ expectations are streamlined and well managed.

A partnership agreement is established either with the Marketing Agent or Sub-Agent or his/her representative and an application kit, inclusive of the official checklist of documents; the required forms and associated guidelines for completing the forms and meeting the requirements of the program; and a statement of fees for the entire process is shared. 

Within 48 hours of receiving the official digital file from the client or his/her representative, an official audit of each file is returned to the representative stating the application’s readiness for submission. Should the application not meet submission requirements, a request for updated or additional documents will be issued and a new audit generated and shared upon reviewing those submitted documents.

Once the digital application is cleared for submission, Just Inter-Continental will submit it to the Bank for review. It is a requirement of the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme that all applicants be cleared for funds transfer before their application can be submitted to the government for citizenship processing.

Once the applicant has been cleared by the bank for funds transfer, an official invoice will be generated and shared with the client or his/her representative. At this time, a request will be made for the original file to be couriered to the office of Just Inter-Continental.

Once the file is received and payment is made of the required processing, application, due diligence, and local agent fees, Just Inter-Continental will prepare the official application, and have it submitted to the Citizenship by Investment Unit. Once the application is accepted by the Unit, an official application receipt will be shared with the client.

We are excited to announce, that as of March 31, 2020 CBI digitalized the submission of applications so as to increase efficiency of the process. This online platform, will allow us to provide applicants with updates on submitted applications in a timely manner and facilitates a stronger working relationship with the Unit.

If a client’s application is approved, Just Inter-Continental will share the official approval notice from the Government requiring the balance of all outstanding payments to be made in the required 30-day period, as well as request the executed Oath of Allegiance.

Once all balances have been settled and the executed Oath of Allegiance received, Just Inter-Continental will provide these documents to the Citizenship by Investment Unit to initiate the processing of the Certificate of Registration.

Once the Certificate of Registration is received, Just Inter-Continental will submit the passport application to the relevant immigration authorities and arrange with the client or his/her representative to courier the passport once it is issued.


At Just Intercontinental Services, we also take you beyond the passport, to settling in Grenada, offering Ancillary Services to aid your transition. We provide assistance with registration for taxes, businesses, postal box, and incorporation of a company. Other services, such as passport renewals, are also available, upon request.

Passport Renewal

Taxation ID Registration

Company Incorporation

Business Name Registration

Post Box Registration