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Grenada's Leading Citizenship by Investment Agents

Our Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme offers investors a fast-tracked, lifetime, and visa-free Citizenship in Grenada with no residency needed

Just Inter-Continental Services Inc. (JICS) is one of the leading local Agents for Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Since its inception in 2013 the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme has been helping individuals worldwide achieve a greater level of Inter-Continental freedom. Whether it’s the ability to maximise cross border business opportunities facilitated by visa-free access to key business destinations like China and Russia; or the ability to move one’s family to the US by establishing and managing a business; or the simple reassurance of belonging to a viable country free of social, economic, or political tension – one thing is sure – becoming a citizen of Grenada is an investment that will pay returns for many years. Let our dedicated staff at Just Inter-Continental Services Inc. help you access global freedom.

Benefits of Grenada Citizenship

Application for Grenadian citizenship is efficient and user-friendly, and the applicant is not required to visit Grenada to complete the process. Just Inter-Continental services will walk the client through every phase of the process, to ensure completion and the best opportunity for acceptance.

Though having a passport with a greater number of visa-free countries is attractive, it’s the quality of the destinations, not the quantity that counts. Grenada’s passport provides access to over 148 destinations, including China, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Schengen, and the UK. The E-2 visa is among the most popular in the U.S. immigration system. Grenada is one of the few countries in the World with a Citizenship by Investment Programme and a treaty with the United States that grants an E2 Visa permitting a Grenadian citizen and their immediate family to invest into a business in the Unites States. It also allows citizens of Grenada to live and work in member states of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States(OECS).

Grenada is the only Citizenship by Investment programme that allows unmarried, childless siblings of the main applicant, who are 18 years and older to be included on a family application. It also permits parents/grandparents of any age, and children under age 30, who are not necessarily registered in school.  Where a child is born within twelve (12) months of filing the original application for citizenship by investment, the main applicant can apply to the Committee within six (6) months of the birth of said child to deem the child as having been included in the application of the main applicant.

Investors with Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Programme have the added benefit of efficient wealth management and tax planning. The primary benefit of Grenada’s tax structure to investors is that they are only required to pay taxes on income generated in the country. HNWI individuals are therefore able to obtain a second citizenship, benefit from a return on that investment, while still protecting their worldwide wealth.

Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Programme allows individuals to become citizens of Grenada in less than five months. Citizenship is granted without the prerequisite of being a permanent resident or ever having to travel to the country.

The grant of Grenada Citizenship conferred to applicants remains for life and can be passed on to future generations, even if the applicant never resided in Grenada, or sold the property, which was acquired for the citizenship investment.

Investors who obtained Grenada citizenship by purchasing approved real estate, are allowed to sell their property after five years and recover their investment with the potential benefit of a return in most instances.

Applicants are not required to travel to Grenada during the application process nor visit the island thereafter to maintain their citizenship status.

There is no requirement for applicants to be interviewed during or after the application process

The Government of Grenada does not require applicants to renounce their existing citizenship(s) to acquire Grenada citizenship, neither does it publish the names of its newly naturalised citizens.

Grenada has been home to St. George’s University for over 42 years. This international institution not only pulls students and faculty from over 140 countries, its School of Medicine is ranked as the #1 provider of doctors into first-year US residency Programmes for the last 10 years combined. Grenadians who attend St. George’s University automatically qualify for the Grenada Partnership Award, which reduces their undergraduate tuition by 90%.

The Government of Grenada provides generous incentive packages to support new business development and economic growth. These include corporate tax incentives, exemption from import duties, other tax relief benefits, export allowances and withholding tax. There is no capital gains tax in Grenada.


Accessing Grenada Citizenship

There are essentially three ways an individual can become a citizen of Grenada through the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Transformation Fund

A donation to the government’s National Transformation Fund

Real Estate

A full-fledged investment in a government approved real estate project

Significant Investment

As determined by the Minister, in accordance with certain criterion as set out in Amendment No 2 of the Principal Act, and which includes inter alia, the purchase of real estate, the purchase of a registered business, the purchase of shares in a company or consortium of companies, or any other investment as may be determined by the Minister by order from time to time. The minimum value of the Significant Investment option is USD Two Million.”