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Grenada Shines at 17th Global Citizenship Conference in Dubai

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The Investment Marketplace of Global Minds

Just Inter-Continental Services Inc. (JICS) recently had the privilege of attending the 17th Global Citizenship Conference in Dubai, organized by Henley & Partners – The Firm of Global Citizens. This wasn’t just another conference talk-shop; it was the marketplace of global executives and influencers in the Migration Investment arena, and undeniably, Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program stood out. With stellar representation, led by the Prime Minister, Honourable Dickon Mitchell, and including the CEO of Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU), and a cohort of CIU committee members, Grenada’s interest was also represented by other movers and shakers in the local investment migration industry—developers, local agents, and marketing agents—creating a dynamic presence.

Grenada CBI Program Takes Center Stage

Well-regarded as a platform for networking and collaboration, the Henley & Partners conference allowed industry professionals to engage with counterparts from around the world and provided a spotlight platform for Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program to shine—and shine it did. 

The Prime Minister’s impactful keynote resonated, reaffirming the Grenada CBI Program’s enduring presence and significance in the investment migration market. Honourable Mitchell underscored the program’s pivotal role in advancing Grenada’s transformational agenda, citing its support for groundbreaking projects—in particular, a cutting-edge teaching hospital and a state-of-the-art digital library, both positioned to make lasting contributions to critical and fundamental development pillars of healthcare and education.

A Caribbean Haven in a Troubled war

In the panel discussions, a recurring theme was the importance of global citizenship in a world grappling with emerging risks—from conflicts to climate change and cyber-attacks. Premier Mark Brantley painted a compelling picture of the Caribbean as an enduring “zone of peace in a troubled war.” If ever there was a convincing sell for the Caribbean region to would-be investors in these uncertain times it would be positioning the region as a haven amid uncertainties. On this point, Grenada shines even brighter. As global citizens rethink their sense of belonging, the Grenada CBI Program emerges as a beacon of opportunity, offering investors a safe space with lucrative investment returns and unparalleled access to the world.

Grenada’s Investment: A Win-Win

Having achieved a lucrative first half of 2023, the success of Grenada’s CBI program is anchored on continued dual benefits: contributing significantly to the nation’s development in tangible ways and providing new citizens with enduring returns. It’s a win-win situation, extending beyond financial gains, and capturing Grenada’s commitment to holistic development and lasting prosperity.

Furthermore, for global investors, the Grenada CBI Program offers a unique blend of stability, security, and reward. Second citizenship holders are welcomed into a community that values diversity and globalization. As investors increasingly seek not just returns on their investments but a meaningful and impactful connection to the places they choose to call home, Grenada’s CBI Program offers a model of opportunity in meeting these emerging expectations.

Guiding You to Grenada: Just Inter-Continental Services Inc.

Just Inter-Continental Services Inc. takes pride in being a local agent for the Grenada CBI Program, facilitating the migration process for individuals looking to make Grenada their second home. Our expertise and commitment to excellence ensure a smooth and seamless experience for those seeking to benefit from the opportunities provided by the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program. 

If you are exploring becoming a citizen of Grenada through investment in a local project or in a government contribution through the National Transformation Fund and need help in the application process, or if you are a new or existing citizen of Grenada and you desire assistance in understanding and navigating post-immigration processes, consult the experts at Just Inter-Continental Services (JICS), Grenada’s leading Citizenship by Investment agents.

We provide tailored and customized services for our Citizenship by Investment clients, from their interest in Grenada through to their applications and establishing a life in Grenada.

Visit our website at and let us know how we can help you become a citizen and avail yourself of all Grenada offers.

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