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A Post-COVID World is Opportune for Second Citizenship Status in Pure Grenada

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It’s been just over two years since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic, which catapulted the world into recalibration— becoming known as “the great reset.” The virus gave new meaning to Charles Dicken’s classic line “it’s the best of times and the worst of times,” because, for many, in spite of the havoc the pandemic has unleashed, it’s also been a period ripe with opportunity.

Commerce and the service sectors were heavily affected, seeing a dramatic shift and dependence on e-commerce and working remotely. We saw the breakdown of the traditional workforce structure and companies downsizing, closing physical workspaces, and utilizing online platforms to conduct business.  

While challenging, especially at first, there are numerous positive examples and stories of how this shift has been welcomed, globally, and how it will likely shape the way we work and do business forever. But, what does this mean for anyone considering second-citizenship status, and why is NOW the best time to explore that option?



For the discerning or innovative businessman or woman, or for the entrepreneur tired of the fast-paced life in the metropolis, the pandemic presents an opportune wave in time to explore moving your business to the beautiful Spice Isle of Grenada, where you can work remotely, while embracing the flexibility of doing business in the tropics. The cost of conducting business and hiring employees can also be advantageous in several ways, for employers and businesses, given the currency exchange rates. 

Moreover, second citizenship status-holders can capitalize on the wide range of freedoms and other benefits that Grenadian citizenship offers, with respect to business, investment, and travel.

Citizens of Grenada are eligible to apply for a US E-2 business visa, which grants holders the opportunity to open a new company or international business unit. This investment visa, secured on the wings of Grenadian citizenship, permits Visa-free access to 144 countries and territories, worldwide, including the UK, Schengen countries, Russia, Singapore, and China.



According to the Grenada Ministry of Finance, Grenada recorded its highest receipt of applications for investment citizenship status during the first year of the pandemic. This means that more individuals viewed the pandemic as an impetus to start over, to relocate, and explore new options for work, family life, education, business, and travel. 

Today’s “almost” post-COVID-19 world beckons High Net-Worth Individuals to explore how their businesses and/or interests can be realized and supported, through attaining a second citizenship. The Grenada Citizenship by Investment program is on a steady upward trajectory, and continues to stand out, for its advantages, flexibility, transparent processes, and the opportunities it affords. 


Just Inter-Continental Services Inc. is an accomplished local agent for Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment programme and stands ready to support your move to becoming a citizen of Grenada and taking your business with you. Our team’s expertise and knowledge will guide you through every part of the process, ultimately ensuring that applicants maximize and enjoy the strength and flexibility of your second citizenship status.

Just Intercontinental Services is your gateway to accessing Grenada’s exciting Citizenship Investment Programme, and securing a better, more productive, peaceful, work-life balance.


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