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Beyond Your Citizenship to Ancillary Services

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Now you have your citizenship for Grenada, and your passport is in your hand. It’s a beautiful feeling to have made this major life decision, and to finally get the approval. You are ready to settle, own a home, or conduct business in Grenada. You see, getting your citizenship for Grenada, through the Citizenship by Investment program, is not the end of your journey. It is only the beginning. 

Citizenship in Hand—what’s next? 

There is a life waiting for you in Grenada, and again, our team at Just Inter-continental Services, is disposed to aid in your transition, offering a range of ancillary services to take you beyond the passport, to settling in Grenada 

Recall that during the application process, you were not required to travel to Grenada, nor is there a requirement to visit the island in order to maintain your new citizenship status, but there are still requirements and optional services that Just Inter-Continental Services can assist with coordinating, on your behalf.

Here are some of the ancillary services that the team at Just Inter-Continental Services can take care of, for you.

Register a Business, Company, or Non-Profit

If you decide to finance other investments because you are a citizen, with all the associated rights and privileges, as outlined in the Grenada Constitution, Just Inter-Continental Services can, in collaboration with the Grenada Investment Development Corporation and/or other relevant Government departments or agencies, facilitate the processes to incorporate a company, or a not-for-profit entity, or a foundation, on your behalf. 

Register for Tax

As part of the legal requirement for the company, or whatever you decide to establish in Grenada, we will register your entity with the Internal Revenue Department for corporate and other tax purposes. Preparing and filing your company’s annual return is also another of the services we can offer your establishment.

New Mailing Address and Passport Renewal

Just Inter-Continental Services also assists you with setting up a post box in your and your company’s name, and when your passport is close to the expiry date, we will, without any difficulty and hassle on your part, facilitate the renewal of your passport. All you need to do is reach out to us and let us know that your passport is approaching its expiry date. We recommend you do so no later than six months before the expiry date.

Business or Leisure—we recommend the best

At Just Inter-Continental, we are all about your business, and providing optimal services to you, our clients—so while we take care of your business, we are invested in your enjoyment of the total Grenadian experience, and we know just the places to recommend and the things to do. Stay in touch with us, or reach out to us, for your needs before and beyond citizenship. We’ve got you covered.

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