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CBI Grenada, A 2023 Outlook

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With the Government of Grenada’s announcements regarding a revitalized mandate to improve and expand the Citizenship by Investment program, Grenada is poised to stand out and maintain its prestige as the Caribbean’s leader in Citizenship by Investment offerings. 2023, by all accounts, will be an excitingly promising year for interested, new, and existing second citizenship holders of Grenada. Here’s how. 

  • Government of Grenada to Retool and Bolster CBI Offerings 

Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell, in his first Budget address, disclosed his administration’s mandate for the Citizenship by Investment Program (CBI) for 2022/2023, citing promising revenue figures, reworked generated income, ensuring continued quality, due diligence, and intentions to increase market share. The Prime Minister affirmed that funds generated from the National Transformational Fund (NTF) would continue to finance transformative capital projects.  Plans are afoot to assertively strengthen and market the CBI program to increase market share, while ensuring that stakeholders meet standards, stay knowledgeable and uphold internal controls.  Ultimately, the administration aims to improve the CBI program’s transparency and operations. Grenada’s CBI program continues to stand out because of its long-standing reputation for excellent service, transparency, and investment options for becoming a second passport holder. 

  • The Return of Everything Spice Isle 

From Carnival, to the Carriacou Maroon and String Band Festival, to the Easter Regatta, citizens and tourists, alike, can finally enjoy the return of festivities which shape and form part of the social, cultural, and entertainment landscape of Grenada and the Grenadines. We will also see the return of airlines and normalcy in travel routes, and there are plans in the pipeline to welcome new airlines to the region. This augurs well, not only for the economy of Grenada, but also for second passport holders who decided to invest in the Government’s approved real estate projects. The Grenada Tourism Authority expects to see huge arrivals from yachting and cruises and airlift travelers. Now is a great time for persons considering the investment route to jump on board and enjoy the gains of an ever-expanding tourism industry in Grenada. It’s even better for those applicants who’ve made Grenada their home; now, they can finally enjoy the true essence and spice of the country.

2022 will always be remembered as the trial and error year as the world bounced back to try to find its footing after the onslaught of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This year, with the return of some semblance of stability, all industries can expect to see exceptional growth, expansion, and increased income. 

  • Choose the Best Service Team to Manage Your Transition  

Just Inter-Continental Services (JICS) has a long-serving, excellent record of supporting client applications and managing expectations and has earned the company an approval rating of 93%. Just Inter-Continental Services has been helping applicants since 2014 to gain greater global access by becoming citizens of Grenada. We monitor trends and will give the best advice and support needed to ensure your transition is smooth, worthwhile, and tailored to fit your needs. 

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